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Friday, 3 May 2013

Yummy Yummy Chocolate

April and May saw a couple of interesting jobs at opposite ends of the spectrum. A new client in Kendal in the Lake District, the famous 1657 Chocolate House was in need of some new product shots for a variety of websites... and no, I didn't eat any of the subject matter... Honestly, I didn't..!
And a little further away was the very hot destination of Bahrain for another Formula 1 race weekend. We got a very friendly reception thankfully despite the continued unrest, and there were no incidents to speak of. A very entertaining race too and some very yummy lemon and mint drinks to chill off in the evening. Not forgetting of course the very welcoming and cooling sight of the hotel swimming pool which was made good use of. Driving was interesting, my first time in Bahrain. Normally I love driving abroad but this was just plain crazy, they have no idea at all and how there aren't more serious accidents, I have no idea.