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Monday, 30 November 2015

Andrew Jennings FIFA Interview for the Mob Museum

We spent a day in Cumbria filming a fascinating interview with Panorama investigative journalist Andrew Jennings who has spent many years looking into the much publicised FIFA allegations. The finished interview is on display at the Mob Museum in Las Vegas

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Anyone for Tennis?

First time on Centre Court at Wimbledon..!
 Up on the broadcast centre roof, a rather clever bit of hedge trimming.
 We had the honour of Dustin Brown coming to visit our studio after his win over Nadal in the second round. English born presenter Darren Tulett who now works for BeIn Sports in Paris, leads the chat.
Gael Monfils and Gilles Simon move from No. 1 court to the Centre Court after bad light stops play on the Saturday night in the third round, and continue with the roof closed and the lights on.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Bobbing Around...

Some of the pictures that Adrian shot out in the Irish Sea of the West of Duddon Sands offshore windfarm made it into the Spanish press. La Voz de Galicia published an article on the 20th June about the project which is jointly financed and run by Iberdrola and Dong.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

New Keys

Exciting news from The Light Direction in Kendal. 

We have now got the keys to what will be our new office and post production facility in the heart of Kendal.

Can't wait to get started on fitting it out.

Please drop in to say hello any time. You're most welcome.

Viva Las Vegas...!!

Las Vegas Baby..!

Over in Vegas for the first time for NAB, the National Association of Broadcasters annual exhibition. The biggest in the world and Vegas is an appropriate place for that I guess...!

Filming at the House of Commons

An unexpected addition to the calendar in March was a last minute job that came up to film a speech being made at the House of Commons.

Stephen Larkin, CEO of the ever evolving Africa New Energies was making a speech to the Africa Alternative Energies Conference and was talking about the role his company are playing in the search for an energy solution for Africa.

Watch the video here

Monday, 16 March 2015

Cruising Lake Windermere on The Teal

Some beautiful weather this month along with plenty of snow on the hills made for some great days out and also some striking images waiting to be captured.

One particularly fine day saw The Teal arriving back at Waterhead under this rather dramatic sunset following one its regular trips around the Lake which includes stops at Bowness, Lakeside down at the southern end of the lake and Ambleside up at the northern end.

FA Cup

Lots of work recently bringing the TV pictures of the FA Cup coverage into your homes. Adrian has been working on many of the matches that you will have been watching at various grounds large and small across the north of England. Both the BBC and BT have been televising the competition this year.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Walk The Nile

Watching 'Walk The Nile' on 4OD reminded me of my backpacking adventure around Egypt in 1990.

Levison Wood and various fellow travelling companions walk the 4000 mile journey from Rwanda where the Nile begins to it's final destination in Egypt where it runs into the Mediterranean Sea.

Journalist Matt Power who was accompanying Levison on part of his journey through Tanzania, became a fatality when he suffered heat stroke and died on March 10th 2014.

It was a gruelling, incredible and very scary adventure. Well worth watching.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Alexa's Borneo Charity Expedition

My niece has decided to go on a trip to Borneo later this year to help build accommodation, improve schools and regenerate forests. It is going to be an amazing experience. I think that's such a cool thing to get involved in and I love her enthusiasm and commitment to making it happen.

Monday, 2 February 2015

New Energies, New Africa?

New Year, New Project, New Energies, New Africa?

Well, maybe... Let's hope so anyway.

This is an adventurous and pioneering project seeking to succeed where some of the oil giants have already failed.

Namibia is the focus for this story. Power is something we all take for granted but in southern Africa that's simply not the case. They are already suffering scheduled blackouts. Africa New Energies is going to try and solve all that with a rather different approach to oil and gas exploration. We have been commissioned to produce a four minute promotional video for them. Early days but scripting is in progress.