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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Great Gable FRCC War Memorial Plaque

Great Gable FRCC War Memorial Plaque is Re-instated
 A climb up to the peak of Great Gable in late September just happened to coincide with the re-instatement of the Fell and Rock Climbing Club of the English Lake District's memorial plaque to those members who lost their lives during World War I.
Great Gable FRCC War Memorial Plaque Team, September 2013
 The plaque was removed in July by the Royal Engineers who were invited to undertake the project and, accompanied by Vice Presidents Peter Smith and Mark Scott, completed stage 1 on 10th July 2013
Great Gable FRCC War Memorial Plaque after refurbishment, September 2013
On Wednesday 25th September the Engineers accompanied by members of the FRCC carried the plaque back up to the summit using a stretcher. They took all the tools and materials they needed with them and fixed the plaque back into its rightful place.

Monday, 7 October 2013

Lakes Gospel Choir Promo Video

Lakes Gospel Choir Promotional Video by ATLD Ltd.
In September we were filming and editing a promotional video and a series of inserts for a concert that the Lakes Gospel Choir were appearing in at the Apollo in Manchester. The LGC is based in Windermere in the Lake District and they were taking part in a concert in conjunction with UCB and coinciding with the release of their new album 'Moving Mountains, Changing Lives'. Filming took place at the LCC in Windermere over 1 day and the various sequences and promo were then edited and completed for delivery the very next day. A record turn around..!

IDPB's production of 'Ascension' at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall

The Glasgow Skye Association's annual Pre-World's concert at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall kept us busy in August. This year it was the Inveraray & District Pipe Band with their 'Ascension' themed concert.
The concert hall was packed to the seams and this high profile and prestigious concert brought an audience from literally all the corners of the globe to see a wide variety of musical numbers which even included a barber shop quartet, pictured left.

It's a long time since Adrian worked in this great venue and it was good to be back.