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Thursday, 10 January 2019

DaVinci Resolve Grading Suite in Kendal, The Lake District

Pictures from the inside of our edit and Davinci Resolve colour grading suite at the Old Smoke House in Kendal in The Lake District.

Colour grading is a vitally important part of the production and post production process. This is great quote from Simon Reeve's new book 'Step by Step' that is well worth a read. Here he describes the production process and the role of the various people involved in producing his fascinating and beautifully shot documentaries:

“Pound for pound, nothing improves a programme faster than a skilled Colourist sitting in front of a vast Star Trek sized console playing with scores of dials and sliders like Jean-Michel Jarre tweaking colours and shadows.”

Here I am colour grading a short documentary about a Tree Surgeon company based down in Kent. It was produced, filmed and edited by Angus MacFadyen who is also based in Kent.

Colour grading is something that can be done remotely as it only requires the source footage to be delivered on a hard drive by courier. We can then grade the footage, export it out of Resolve, return it back to the editor again by courier where the graded footage is then imported back into the project.

Professional colour grading can completely transform a video, film or documentary, whatever the nature of the project.

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Best Video Production Company Award for The Light Direction

In November we were delighted to be once again told that we had won an award, this time for 'Best Film and Video Production Company' in Cumbria.

The trophy is a lovely piece of engraved slate, very appropriate for The Lake District.

This was primarily for our work on a series of promotional videos that we filmed and produced for a local Kendal based company, Pappy's Texas BBQ, who occupy the Old Smoke House and have a Texan heritage producing tasty slow smoked meats for both the commercial and private markets.

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Broadcasting the WTA tennis finals from Singapore

In October Adrian was a part of a big team working out in Singapore to televise the finals of the WTA women's year long tennis tournament. This lovely old colonial outpost still has a bit of that British colony feel to it. Sadly we won't be returning here as the finals are moving to China from next year.

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