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Friday, 12 September 2014

Monza, Italy... Bellisimo

A busy but excellent week in Italy. Nice food, nice wine, a visit to a new place, Lake Como, a good race. What more do you need?!
One of our high speed cameras that we use to capture the fast moving action that is F1. These cameras allow the viewers to see things that the eye would normally miss

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Commonwealth Games in Glasgow

 This is the team that put the table tennis on air. Yes, just the table tennis..! All the other venues and sports all had their own team of dedicated people who made it possible to watch what was happening anywhere around the world, wherever you happened to be.
Fancy tables that appeared to be balanced on a glass globe formed the staging for the main show matches.
 This is the inside of one of our OB trucks where the pictures are controlled from. It might have been sunny and hot outside, unusual for Glasgow, but inside was always dark and cool...!
A chance to do some sight seeing one evening with a quick trip down to Loch Lomond. New for some of the crew, an old haunt for me.
My collection of passes and badges that allowed me access to the venue and got me through the myriad of security measures. Nice souvenirs too.
Couldn't resist a last picture by one of the show tables before it was all dismantled.

The end of a very busy, non-stop couple of weeks but very inspiring too. The volunteers created a great atmosphere outside all of the venues.